Product Availability and Pricing

Question: How do I get on the list to be notified when the Smart-Indicator goes on sale?

Answer: Follow this link to get your name on the list.

Question: When will the Smart-Indicator be available for purchase?

Answer: We have a goal of having the Smart-Indicator available for purchase by Opening Day which is March 26th, 2020. We are not guaranteeing this date but barring any unexpected delays we should be ready by this date.

Question: How do I buy a Smart-Indicator?

Answer: You will be able to order your Smart-Indicator on this website. When the indicator becomes available to purchase there will be a "Buy Now" button on the home screen.

Question: How much does the Smart-Indicator cost?

Answer: We have not set the selling price yet. We are in the process of determining what our total cost per unit will be. Once we have that information, we will publish the price on this website.

Question: Will other sports officials websites be selling the Smart-Indicator?

Answer: Possibly. We are working on an authorized distributor program and will provide more details as they become available.

Question: Will there be a limit to how many Smart-Indicators I can buy?

Answer: Although we reserve the right to limit quantities, there is currently no plan to do so.

Question: Can I pre-order the Smart-Indicator before it goes on sale?

Answer: Yes. Once we finalize the price and release date we will open the website up for pre-orders. Due to the overwhelming interest in the Smart-Indicator we anticipate a high demand. When the Smart-Indicator is ready to ship, we will ship all of the pre-ordered units before shipping regular orders.

How Do I...

Question: How do I power the indicator on/off?

Answer: the top center button is the power button. Press and release to power the unit on. Press and hold to power the unit off.

Question: How do I set the user preferences:

Answer: After powering the indicator on, you will be prompted to enter the setup mode. Press the top-left button to enter set up and select the appropriate menu option. Backing out of the menu and then selecting "Exit" will save your settings and put the indicator in the game mode.

Question: How do I swap the Ball and Strike buttons:

Answer: Power the indicator on. Enter the setup mode. Select "Next". Select "Buttons". Select "Balls on Left" or "Balls on Right" as you prefer. Back out of the menu and select exit to return to the game mode.

About the battery...

Question: How long does a charge last?

Answer: Our testing has shown that a fully charged Smart-Indicator will last an entire day on the ball field. Please turn your Smart-Indicator off when it is not in use to preserve power. If you are ever in doubt, please charge the indicator before taking it onto the field.

Question: How do I charge the Smart-Indicator?

Answer: Power the Smart-Indicator off. Using the supplied Micro-USB cable, connect the smart indicator to any 5 volt DC power source such as a cell phone charger power brick or car adapter. When you do this, the indicator will turn itself on and remain on throughout the charging process, A full charge takes about 90 minutes. After 90 minutes, unplug the cable. Limiting the charge to 90 minutes will help you achieve maximum battery life span.

I saw a prototype and was wondering...

Question: Is the Smart-Indicator weatherproof?

Answer: The prototype units are NOT water proof. They're not even close. The production units will be as sealed as we can possible make them. As a minimum they will be water resistant but we are striving for a waterproof design.

Question: How is the display in different lighting conditions?

Answer: We searched high and low for a display that could be easily viewed in all lighting conditions and not cost hundreds of dollars per display. The display we settled on is called an Organic Liquid Emitting Diode (OLED). These displays require no back-lighting, use very little power and can be viewed from almost any angle. They are highly visible at night and when there isn't bright glaring sunlight. In bright sunlight, it might be necessary to adjust your viewing angle to clearly read the display. We are experimenting with a display similar to that found in electronic book readers. This technology is called e-ink or e-paper. These displays are designed to be easily read in very bright sunlight but are not easily read in poor lighting conditions. Our initial release of the Smart-Indicator will include the OLED type of display. If our testing of the e-paper display is successful, we might offer this as an option in the future. Stay tuned to our website for updates on this initiative.

Question: The  case felt a rough in my hand. Will the production units be like this?

Answer: No. The prototype cases are 3D printed on a  very inexpensive (cheap) 3D printer. The production units will be professionally manufactured using the highest quality materials.

Question: The prototype felt a little thicker in my hand than a standard mechanical indicator. Can you make it thinner?

Answer: We we are working on a redesigned case that will make the Smart-Indicator virtually the same thickness as a traditional indicator. Technically, it will be about 1/100 of an inch thicker. This should make the Smart-Indicator feel very natural in your hand.